Mandex, the workout leggings for men: Hot or not?


workout leggings for men

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Are tight compression pants on guys becoming a trend? If so, we're not sure how to feel about them. On one hand, they're very functional as a workout leggings outfit for men, but all this exposure could go to a guy's head. And besides, strutting around in tight pants is our thing, right ladies?

We've listed some pros and cons of "mandex" using photos we found on imgur.com to help make up our minds.


Do you know of a better way to show off this butt?


Tights won't snag on anything, not even bark.


But what happens if there's a lululemon-type recall? Scary stuff!


At least girls AND guys can strike a pose at the gym.

Even at home ...


This could lead to over-expsoure of the goods. (At least keep your shoes on!)


Tights allow people to express their individuality.


But we're not sure what to call them: Mandex. Manx. Meggings. Man tights.


We're curious. Do they compress .... everything?