Matchmaker website pairs your outdoor needs with contractors


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Last week, we reported on an iPhone app that allows you to connect with an expert, who will then walk you through your home dilemma via video. Hooray for DIY adventurers! But here at HellaWella, we do not judge those who would rather have the expert on site to do the job himself. We ourselves have been on both sides of the coin. (True story: I once reinstalled a shower rod, DIY style, but always have my on-site maintenance guy unclog my shower drain.)

So for those of you who would rather hire and pay, we’ve got the details on a new online marketplace that pairs contractors with consumers. ServiceVines.com — which focuses on exterior jobs, including landscaping, lawn care, tree removal and fencing — offers homeowners a place to post their request and wait for free bids from service contractors.

“ServiceVines makes it push-button simple to get the things done around your house that you’ve been putting off. You post your request and get bids back online from providers who are eager to earn your business. No more calling, getting voicemail, waiting on calls or meeting vendors onsite,” said founder Phillip Jackson in a press release.

There are more than 300 service providers in the ServiceVine network who get a satellite view of the house but no address until the homeowner selects them as a provider.

At press time, some of the latest postings included holiday lights in California, landscaping in Michigan and tree trimming in Oklahoma.

Each post includes an image of the area, the type of project, the size of the area and the customer’s budget. An aerial shot of the job location allows the user to drop virtual pins to measure the area.