Media Mash: $299 toothbrush, post-run mistakes & iOS7's dizzying effect


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  • No, you’re not going crazy. Your newly downloaded iOS7 iPhone operating system may be making your dizzy. [Time Healthland]

  • This toothbrush costs $299. But come on, people, it’s 3D-printed! [Wired]

  • You’ve tried many times before but just can’t seem to quit the habit. Here are five steps to giving up artificial sweeteners. [Health.com]

  • Running is wonderful exercise for your body — unless you're making these five common post-run mistakes. [FitSugar]

  • This blood-pressure drug may be a game-changer for pancreatic cancer patients. [BBC]

  • The latest in the disappearing honeybees saga is a study showing that traffic fumes may be preventing them from recognizing flower scent. [Guardian]


  • Taste buds in your gut? It’s likelier than you think … [Prevention]

  • Centipede venom could one day replace morphine when treating chronic pain, thanks to new research. The venom selectively prevents the generation of pain signals from tissue, making what researchers say is the "perfect painkiller." Sorry kids, it's not opioid-based. [Medical Xpress]

  • A serious, sometimes deadly infection called C-diff can be cured by fecal transplants. Wait, what? Yep, poop pills from a healthy donor can restore good bacteria in your gut. [Yahoo]

  • White wine drinkers tend to pour 9% more wine than red wine drinkers. [Jezebel]

  • You know how everyone on the spaceship in "Wall-E" was eating their "food" in liquid form? That drinkable food substitute now exists. It's called Soylent, and it purportedly has all the nutrients you need so you never have to chew again. [Greatist]