Media Mash: Cycling undies, memory-boosting video games & blueberry benefits


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HellaWella’s Media Mash is a weekly feature listing the latest and most interesting health-and-wellness stories we’ve read in the past week, pulled from the Web and linked for your convenience.


  • Scientists have developed a video game to help improve short-term memory and focus in older adults. The more they train, the stronger their brains get. [New York Times]

  • Heavy drinkers may not be able to process social and emotional information in the brain, a new study suggests. No wonder that drunk guy at the bar can't take a hint! [Huffington Post]

  • Nat Geo photographer meets deadly leopard seal. You won't believe what happened next. [Gizmodo]

  • Cycling panties: to "protect your precious lady parts from the pains of those longer urban rides." [Grist]

  • Want to speed up your metabolism? Get this new app so you can track both your metabolic activity and circulation. [Mashable]

  • The red planet is believed to have been a better place for the first cells to have formed compared to Earth. How did we wind up here then? Cells were blasted off on a meteorite —duh. [Giz Mag]

  • Researchers found that a single protein may help explain why memory loss occurs in old age. Science: It works... etc. [NPR]

  • Blueberries are adding "reducing the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes" to their arsenal of health benefits. [BBC]

  • The latest craze among women: selling their positive pregnancy tests online! [Time]

  • Be honest: How many times have you taken your smartphone with you to the bathroom in the past week? Yep — that's why these gadgets have been developed to remove germs from your electronics. [Wired]


  • An Alaskan town mayor recently suffered from injuries sustained in a dog attack. The twist? The mayor is of Felis catus origins. [BBC]


  • In its previous incarnation it was known as Ecstasy, but the drug has been purified and rebranded as “Molly,” and is apparently responsible for two fatal overdoses and four hospitalizations that caused NYC's Electric Zoo music festival to be cancelled. [Buzzfeed]