Media Mash: Dog activity monitors, elliptical tips & the best place to burn fat


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HellaWella’s Media Mash is a weekly feature listing the latest and most interesting health-and-wellness stories we’ve read in the past week, pulled from the Web and linked for your convenience.


  • Need another reason to be a veggie head? A new study found that meat-eaters have a shorter lifespan than vegetarians. [The Wall Street Journal]


  • Move over, Homer Simpson, because this 24-year-old man sees your crayon and raises you a 4-inch pencil. Doctors extracted the instrument and he is reported to be recovering. [BBC]


  • Want 12 instant ways to give your health and wellness a push? According to Prevention magazine, they include having a spot of tea, posing like a warrior and — what else? — enjoying a glass of wine. [Prevention]


  • Robert Sturman — an artist from Santa Monica, Calif. — travels across the U.S. photographing people who do yoga. He decided to take his project to Kenya to document the work of nonprofit organization Africa Yoga Project. [New York Times]


  • Ever wonder what the top of Mt. Everest is like? If you said covered in garbage and human waste, you're right. [The Week]


  • Giant, bright, fluorescent, pink slugs have been slithering around Australia's Mount Kaputar. We can't decide if they're pretty or disgusting. [Yahoo]


  • So we've all heard about the many health and fitness tracking devices to help you monitor your daily activity, but now there's an activity monitor for dogs, too. [Greatist]


  • One Michigan woman spends $3,525 on her rabbit each year. While this might be an extreme example, pet owners tend to spend more than necessary on their animals. [The Week]


  • Parents and doctors may be prematurely blaming cow's milk for babies' adverse food reactions. Researchers are concerned this could lead to unnecessary and less nourishing diet changes. [Wall Street Journal]


  • Anyone else hooked on the elliptical? Here are some must-know tips and tricks for your next workout. [FitSugar]


  • Before you chow down on a huge ice cream sundae this summer, rethink your hot-weather food picks and try these healthier choices. [Health.com]


  • Want to know the best place for burning fat? No, it’s not the gym. [Men’s Health]


  • Feeling happier or unhappier than two years ago? Here’s how the rest of America feels. [Time]