Media Mash: Dog secrets to pleasing people, positivity genes & memory fixes


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HellaWella’s media mash is a weekly feature listing the latest and most interesting health-and-wellness stories we’ve read in the past week, pulled from the Web and linked for your convenience.



  • We all have that one female friend (if you don’t, it’s you), who always seems so darn cheerful all the time. It could be her positive attitude, or it could be in her genes. [Fox News]


  • Do you use the same dishtowel to wipe the kitchen counter and your hands? Probably not a good idea. Check out these 10 common food mistakes to avoid. [Shine]


  • Think that if you haven’t been active most of your life it will be too late for you once you turn 50? Think again. A new study finds that those who step up their fitness regimen around midlife have less of a chance of suffering from chronic disease after 65 and can add more healthy years to their lives. [Los Angeles Times]


  • If you do it right, eating out could actually help you lose weight. If only it could help us save money too. [Fit Sugar]


  • Attention, space enthusiasts: How would you like to have your own private satellite? Well, now you can thanks to PhoneSat, a new project from NASA that uses your smartphone and Google Android. [Wired]


  • Bad memory? These tips on how to remember everything will fix that! [Greatist]


  • Congratulations, University of California–Davis! You just claimed the No. 1 spot on Sierra Club’s 2012 Cool Schools list. The school earned the top spot for diverting nearly 70% of its trash from landfills and offering green transportation alternatives. [TreeHugger]


  • Have no clue how to fix a leaky or running toilet? Learn how to speak toilet with this handy illustrated guide. [This Old House]


  • The New York Times has done it again with its interactive online graphics. Check out this one, which illustrates the varying effects of this summer’s heat and drought on crops critical to the U.S. economy. [New York Times]


  • Want people to greet you at the door the way your loving dogs do, minus the shedding and peeing on the floor? Learn the secret to pleasing people — from none other than, well, dogs. [Men’s Health]


  • The New York state attorney general wants beverage companies to be more transparent when it comes to energy drinks. [AM New York]


  • Attention, teenagers: A study has shown that heavy and prolonged cannabis smoking as a teenager resulted in a permanently lower IQ. [BBC News]