Media Mash: The Marie Antoinette diet, Lego's gender issue & space jellyfish


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HellaWella’s Media Mash is a weekly feature listing the latest and most interesting health-and-wellness stories we’ve read in the past week, pulled from the Web and linked for your convenience.



  • You've been eating chicken wings all wrong. Here's how to chow down on everyone's favorite game-day food like a pro. [FoodBeast]


  • A new diet based on Marie Antoinette's eating habits claims you can have your cake and eat it too — but only if you also like hearty soups and light evening meals. [The Daily Beast]


  • Neuroscientists' theories about memory were confirmed when they sliced up and reconstructed the brain of the famous Patient H.M., and their findings were reported in Nature Communications journal last week. [Huffington Post]


  • When it comes to peanut allergies, scientists are fighting fire with fire. A new experimental therapy is using peanut flour to ease peanut allergies in kids. [Time Healthland]


  • Calling obesity a disease may make obese people less inclined to lose weight and adopt a healthier lifestyle, says a new study. [Health.com]


  • This little girl wants to know why Lego girls don’t go on adventures. [UPROXX]


  • Wanna read about spacey jellyfish and what they tell us about interplanetary travel? Yeah, you do. [PBS]


  • Phillip Seymour Hoffman's death this week has spurred dialogue about addiction and the need to have a frank discussion about what people do and why. [Atlantic]


  • There are rules for eating — well, if weight loss is on your agenda. [Prevention]


  • Feel your life spiraling out of control? Or maybe it's just a little off-kilter? Try a life coach. They're more popular than ever. [Greatist]


  • Try these New York Fashion Week-inspired supermodel workouts. Just don't fall off the runway when strutting your stuff. [FitSugar]


  • Talk about adapting to the environment. Bees in Canada are constructing nests from shreds of plastic bags. [Discovery.com]