Media Mash: Middle-aged skateboarders, naked coed yoga & prison food


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  • Apparently the U.S. is one of the only countries on Earth that refrigerates chicken eggs. [io9]

  • The first coed naked yoga studio just opened in New York City. Just don't look up in the middle of downward dog. [Outside Online]

  • The manner in which children pay for their school lunch plays a part in the food choices they make, says Brian Wansink, a behavioral economist at Cornell University. [NPR]

  • If counting sheep ain't cutting it anymore, check out these tips on how to fall asleep faster. [Lifehacker]

  • Can’t get enough “Breaking Bad” on TV? Here’s why your favorite television shows are so damn addicting. [Time Healthland]

  • A virtual-reality project called Oculus Rift lets users experience what it feels like in the body of the opposite gender (NSFW). [Gizmodo]

  • Have you seen that horrifying video of the massive fuzzball of spiders? Rest easy, folks. Those weren’t spiders. Just your run-of-the-mill daddy longlegs. Feel better? [Slate]

  • If you’re trying a new diet for 2014, here are five reasons it may fail. [CNN]

  • If you're not supposed to skateboard after the age of 50, no one told this group of old-timers. They're shredding it up like they did when they were 18 and loving every second of it. [Los Angeles Times]

  • The position in which you sleep can say a lot about you, suggests this short BuzzFeed video. They didn't mention the bedside hangers, keyboard droolers or couch clingers. [Yahoo Screen]

  • Women are usually told to up their intake of folic acid when pregnant, but a new study finds that taking large amounts of the vitamin in supplement form may actually increase your chance of getting breast cancer. Since the findings were in rats, it might be smart to just talk to your doctor before taking any action. [Medical News Today]