Media Mash: Mold-free bread, attractive psychopaths & the birth order/IQ connection


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HellaWella’s media mash is a weekly feature listing the latest and most interesting health-and-wellness stories we’ve read in the past week, pulled from the Web and linked for your convenience.


  • Is never-molding bread the next best thing since sliced bread? Scientists are experimenting with a new technology that “zaps” food and kills the spores that create food mold so our bread can last for months. But is this a good idea? [Blisstree]


  • Do you get gloomy in the winter? Put on these “sun” glasses that replicate natural sunlight and you’ll never feel blue again. [Greatist]


  • Australian researchers are saying nuns should be on the Pill because their vow of chastity increases their risk of getting reproductive cancers. [Everyday Health]


  • Weight Watchers this week unveiled its new Weight Watchers 360 plan, which builds on the basic plan but includes new dimensions based on the latest scientific research. [USA Today]


  • Have you gotten your flu shot yet? Health officials are predicting a bad flu season. [NBC News]


  • FitSugar lists 7 stretches you can do in the morning to jumpstart your busy day or right before bed to wind down — in bed! [FitSugar]


  • Psychopaths and people with “dark” personality traits are better at making themselves look attractive, according to recent research. [Scientific American]


  • Things we were totally unaware of until this week: Cats can contract a virus similar to HIV/AIDS — it’s known as FIV, or feline immunodeficiency virus. [WebMD]


  • Your birth order influences your intelligence and personality. A new study reports that first-borns are typically smarter while younger siblings get better grades and are more outgoing. [Discovery]



  • An erectile dysfunction drug may have another use: treating muscular dystrophy. [Wall Street Journal]


  • The latest trend in cosmetic procedures: toe shortening, adding collagen to heels and even removing pinky toes. Not because women are in pain but because they want to fit into sky-high stilettos. [CBS News]


  • A federal judge has ordered tobacco companies to publish statements, saying they lied about the dangers of smoking. These statements will also disclose smoking’s health effects. [Time Healthland]


  • Got a food allergy? A new study has found that food allergies may be linked to pesticides in tap water. [ABC News]


  • Is your home safe? Take this quiz and find out. [BrightNest]


  • It’s almost winter, and if you’re suffering from dry hair, pale complexion or weak nails, try one of these fortifying foods. [CNN]


  • A new study shows that French men are producing less sperm nowadays. [Reuters]


  • Bummer! India’s national Olympic committee has been suspended by the International Olympic Committee because of government interference in its election process. [Huffington Post]