Media Mash: Oreo addiction, puppy pot poisoning & McD's new Happy Meal


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HellaWella’s Media Mash is a weekly feature listing the latest and most interesting health-and-wellness stories we’ve read in the past week, pulled from the Web and linked for your convenience.


  • Do you swear by your favorite weight-loss app? One study found those apps may not be as successful in helping you reach your goal as once thought. [Time Healthland]

  • Aside from having someone to go to the movies with, a friendship offers some surprising health benefits. [Health.com]

  • From the Everybody Panic Files, here is this latest article in which the World Health Organization states air pollution can cause cancer. [BBC]


  • Researchers find that elephants understand pointing — more evidence of their intelligence. [Guardian]

  • If you're one of the people who say you can't find time to exercise because of your work schedule, it may not just be an empty excuse. Work may be sabotaging your workout. [Prevention]

  • The other white stuff that gets you hooked and makes you crave more? Oreos. A new study suggests that foods high in fat and sugar, like Oreos, trigger addictive properties in the brain similar to drugs like cocaine. [Time]

  • Check out this slideshow of bizarre baby-feeding products throughout history from the Baby Bottle Museum. (Yeah, there's actually a Baby Bottle Museum.) [Yahoo


  • If you notice anyone with a scaly and green appearance of sores, they may be abusing Krokodil, a cheap and very highly addictive narcotic from Russia that's rearing its ugly head in the U.S. It also dissolves fat and muscle tissue. Just say no! [Chicago Tribune]

  • The NFL is decked out in pink and selling fans pink clothing and accessories to support the Breast Cancer Awareness initiative — but you'd be shocked to find out how small of a percentage actually goes toward cancer research. [Business Insider]


  • Veterinarians are reporting increasing numbers of animals with marijuana poisoning. [Huffington Post]


  • This NYT story includes an unbelievable interactive graphic that compares the insanely high prices of asthma medications to that of other countries. Example: $250 will get you 37 Qvar inhalers in Greece but only two inhalers in the U.S. [New York Times]


  • Next month, McDonald's is swapping out Happy Meal toys for books focused on nutrition and healthy eating. [Take Part]