Media mash: Polar-bear robots, scary cat parasites & DIY bug repellents


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HellaWella’s media mash is a new weekly feature listing the latest and most interesting health-and-wellness stories we’ve read in the past week, pulled from the Web and linked for your convenience.


  • Does money make you meaner? New research suggests it leads to less humane behavior. [New York Magazine]


  • Wet and warm weather across the country is expected to increase the number of mosquitoes. Pass the calamine lotion. [Miami Herald]


  • Smoking and pesticide exposure may be linked to a rare sleep disorder characterized by kicking, punching or thrashing. [CBS News]


  • Speaking of sleeping, this Japanese polar-bear-shaped robot/pillow helps people with sleep apnea stop snoring by tickling your face. We can't decide if it sounds adorable or annoying. [The Stir]


  • Cigarettes could be banned on many college campuses. Because cigarettes are really what everyone is smoking. [Washington Post]


  • A new study suggests owning a cat could increase your risk of committing suicide. Yet another good reason to go with dogs. [National Public Radio]


  • Summer means swimming, popsicles and bugs. Try these off-the-shelf, homemade, natural repellents to keep insects at bay. [The Daily Green]


  • New York’s got the garbage plate! What’s the fattiest food in your home state? [Health.com]


  • What’s the environmental impact of your video games? Find out in this infographic. [Sustainablog]


  • Could you be colorblind without even knowing it? Take this quiz and find out. [Huffington Post]


  • Trying to go from bike rider to cyclist? These seven techniques will help improve your game on race day. [CNN]


  • A walk a day can keep your risk of diabetes away. [Reuters]


  • Spanking may cause mental health problems later in life. [CBS]