Media Mash: Pro divers underwater, weird lobster habits & DIY picnic blankets


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  • Women who use condoms have a high amount of "good" bacteria in their vaginas. One more reason to wrap it up, boys! [Huffington Post]

  • Scientists do the darndest things. Researchers are converting cells found in urine into teeth. How do they even think of that? [ABC News]

  • Check out what gruesome acts lobsters are committing, thanks to global warming and overfishing. [Slate]

  • Could weight discrimination lead to more weight gain? [LiveScience]

  • If you're a victim of lower back pain, show your lower back some love with these stretches. [FitSugar]


  • Think it’s OK to overeat just because you’re hitting the gym later? Think again, and banish these six overeating excuses. [Health.com]

  • This is what professional divers would look like if you were watching underwater. [Wall Street Journal]

  • Thunderstorms! From space! [Chron]

  • Think you know man's best friend? Think again! Check out these seven facts about our canine companions that you may not have already known. [The Bark Post]

  • "Be gone, bub!" said New Zealand to a South African chef who weighs nearly 300 pounds. He's been deemed too fat to live in the country, where 30% of the population are overweight. [BBC]

  • Night owls display more "Dark Triad" personality traits — such as narcissism, Machiavellianism and psychopathic tendencies — according to new research published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences. [Telegraph]

  • Who doesn't love picnics during the summer? Make sure damp grass doesn't get you down, and make this DIY waterproof picnic blanket. [Greatist]

  • Hooray for caffeine! A new study found that people who drink 2 to 4 cups of coffee a day are less likely to commit suicide than those who don't drink coffee, drink decaf or drink fewer than 2 cups each day. [Time]

  • Here’s a crazy statistic for you: A staggering 22.5 million American workers have access to health benefits from their employer but don’t accept them. [Wall Street Journal]