Media Mash: Shark-riding, bye-bye Big Mac & the 'old-person smell'


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HellaWella’s Media Mash is a weekly feature listing the latest and most interesting health-and-wellness stories we’ve read in the past week, pulled from the Web and linked for your convenience.



  • Not having an eventful sex life? Social media, email and stress could be to blame — at least in England. A poll found Britons ages 16 to 44 were having sex fewer than five times a month. [BBC]

  • Maker of an emergency contraception pill identical to Plan B warn that their product will not work on women who weigh 176 pounds or more. This may pave the way for American manufacturers to label their products with similar warnings. [Mother Jones]

  • Wild pigs with bad attitudes are reportedly running rampant in the Virginia woods! Officials consider them the most invasive animal in the United States because of their ecological invasiveness. [Washington Post]


  • 812: The number of condom innovations submitted for a condom contest. [New York Times]


  • People are riding sharks. Yes this is a thing. And we think you should stop. [Slate]

  • After suffering a concussion, a Denver high schooler suddenly found himself with a real talent for music — he now plays roughly 10 to 13 instruments. [CBS]

  • The American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology has decided gynecologists are only allowed to treat women — they previously performed gynecological techniques, like screenings for anal cancer, on men. [Gawker]

  • Old people really do have a distinct smell, according to a new study. [Gizmodo]

  • When older dogs end up in shelters, it's very difficult, if not impossible, for them to find permanent homes. But every once in a while, we learn of one that makes it out. Despite being 16 and sick, this guy is getting to live out the rest of his days in doggie luxury. [ViralNova]

  • New Yorkers may have to say good-bye to the Big Mac as the state plans to ban the fast-food burger. [Tribune Herald]


  • Thanksgiving is nearly here, and those who celebrate are pretty familiar with the spread — but why do we eat what we eat on Turkey Day? Find out here. [Mental Floss]

  • Psychiatrists are now looking to sleep to treat depression, calling it "the most dramatic advance in treating depression in decades." [Atlantic]

  • Brand new babies are made up of 75% water — as we age, we dry. [NPR]