Media Mash: Sleep texting, America's drinking problem & the future of sunburn


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  • ‪No wonder America is in debt. We have a major drinking problem that costs us $171 billion in related healthcare costs every year.‬ ‪[Think Progress]‬


  • ‪Take this hearing test and ‬find out‪ how old your ears really are. [USA Today‬]

  • Add this to the list of weird things you can do while sleeping, including eating and having sex: texting. [U.S. News & World Report]

  • ‪More reasons to put down that ‬cola‪: Researchers found ‬that consuming the equivalent of three cans of soda on a daily basis could shorten one's lifespan‪. [Medical News Today]‬

  • If you’re looking to go on a date that doesn’t involve fatty steak and decadent desserts, head on over to one of these websites that will give you ideas for healthy, fun outings. [Health.com]

  • A New York City dog trainer is teaching dogs to use iPads by nosing the screen to activate apps. [Wall Street Journal]

  • While some scientists remain skeptical about the latest research suggesting that breast-feeding reduces obesity rates among kids, a broad array of other studies provide a bigger picture. [Time]

  • The Food and Drug Administration has approved GlaxoSmithKline's once-daily drug to treat the most common strain of HIV. [Huffington Post]

  • We often hear about herbs that supposedly cure cancer. Here's one herb that may cause the deadly disease. [The Scientist]

  • Drunk on power? It may not be entirely psychological, according to a new study, which claims that power can fundamentally change how your brain operates. [National Public Radio]