Media Mash: Smartphone for the blind, drunk elephants & First Lady arm envy


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Photo credit: CNN.com

Photo credit: CNN.com

HellaWella’s Media Mash is a weekly feature listing the latest and most interesting health-and-wellness stories we’ve read in the past week, pulled from the Web and linked for your convenience.


  • Want Michelle Obama’s arms? Yeah, we all do, but some women are resorting to surgery to get those fabulous results. May we suggest hitting the gym instead? [Los Angeles Times]


  • Before you decide to unload your depressive thoughts on a friend, be careful — it can be contagious. [Time Healthland]


  • Guess which country has more psychologists per capita than anywhere else in the world? [CNN]


  • The worldwide collapse of bee colonies may be tied to high-fructose corn syrup, according to new research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. [Phys.org]


  • In India, you have to worry about drunk elephants stampeding your village. [NBC News]


  • This eye-opening piece about California’s failing mental healthcare system tells the harrowing story of a family who couldn’t get the help they needed for their schizophrenic son — and the tragic consequences that followed. [Mother Jones]


  • Good news for all the men out there who detest shaving! Women prefer men with a 10-day beard over those who are clean-shaven. [Nature World News]


  • Scientists have developed a baseball-playing robot that’s equipped with an artificial brain. [Wired]


  • Because of the many complications involved in domestic adoptions, some parents-to-be, like this one, walk away scarred. [Atlantic]


  • The Food and Drug Administration has approved Plan B One-Step emergency contraception for over-the-counter sale to people over the age of 15. [Boston Globe]


  • Mashable is not the first place one thinks to look for information on health and wellness, but this short article on their site lists four apps for tech-savvy people who have hopped — or want to hop — on the health bandwagon. [Mashable]


  • Primrose is often recommended to those who have eczema. Turns out it may not be so beneficial after all. [New York Times]


  • Soup and salad are healthy meals, and in Detroit, about 300 people gather each month to nourish their bodies and their neighborhood. Five bucks gets them soup, salad, a bit of bread and a vote on a creative community project aimed to better their city. [Good]


  • If you’re feeling constantly bloated, it may not be gluten intolerance or exposure to salmonella. Carrageenan, an ingredient derived from seaweed and added to beverages to keep their ingredients from separating, may be to blame. [Prevention]


  • There’s a smartphone in development for the visually impaired. The screen forms into Braille shapes when a text or email is received. [CNN]


  • Would a menu displaying the amount of exercise needed to work off your dinner deter you from overeating? A new study says yes. [New York Times]


  • Turn it up! Music has mental and physical health benefits — and it’s definitely cheaper than medication. [CBC News]