Media Mash: Unfreezable beer, dream control & baby animals


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HellaWella’s media mash is a weekly feature listing the latest and most interesting health-and-wellness stories we’ve read in the past week, pulled from the Web and linked for your convenience.



  • To the dismay of urinary tract infection sufferers, it turns out that old remedy of drinking cranberry juice may not be effective at treating bladder or kidney infections. [Counsel & Heal]


  • A British microbrewery has invented unfreezable beer for South Pole workers. [The Daily Mail]


  • If the baby walrus we featured in last week’s Media Mash wasn’t enough cuteness for you, here’s a round-up of some recent baby animal debuts from around the world. You’re welcome. [Chicago Sun-Times]


  • Proving that there is always something to discover, a group of volunteer astronomers have found the first known planet to be illuminated by four different suns. [BBC News]


  • Dear Stevie Nicks & Elton John: You rock — and not just because of your music. The two musicians raised $2 million to fight AIDS this week. [Rolling Stone]


  • This week in bull-s!#$ news: a sleeping mask that claims it can help you control your dreams. [Gizmodo]


  • A new study found that online peer pressure through Twitter and Facebook is just as intense as in-person interactions when it comes to alcohol and drug use. [MediaBistro]


  • Listen up, ladies. Does bad news stress you out more than it does the men in your life? It could be your mass media consumption. [Time Healthland]


  • Prepare yourself for a badass burger substitute. We're officially indebted to Men's Health for this recipe for the ultimate portobello sandwich. [Men's Health]


  • The next time you make an impulse purchase at the grocery store, remember it may not entirely be your fault. [CNN The Chart]


  • This is for all the vodka lovers out there. Your drink of choice has way more uses than you thought. [Who’s Green]


  • Culture may be the key to fighting childhood obesity. The University of California–Los Angeles’ $20 million federal grant will help inner-city kids stay fit, grassroots-style. [Take Part]


  • If you see your favorite ball player with amber-colored eyes, don't be alarmed. The zombie apocalypse has not yet arrived; they're just trying to improve their game. [New York Times]


  • Only one hand sanitizer really gets the job done. A study showed that Purell Advanced Instant Hand Sanitizer was the only one out of 20 different brands to meet the Food and Drug Administration's germ-kill requirements. [Drug Store News]


  • One multivitamin a day can keep cancer away from men. That doesn't mean you can stop eating healthy and exercising! [Associated Press]