Media Mash: Unicorn fart lip balm, Sprite for hangovers & marriage genes


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  • Aspiring yogis need to go to Hawaii (though don't we all?). The Aloha State is loaded with affordable yoga classes, thanks to the many people who practice there. [Huffington Post]

  • ReGrained found a new way to reuse grains used to make beer: Use them to make granola bars! [Daily Meal]


  • If you’re having trouble making exercise a daily habit, here are 20 tips to make you an “exercise addict.” [Health.com]

  • Hate your mornings? Make these simple changes for a smoother a.m. [Huffington Post]


  • Good news, guys: Your penis is probably bigger than you thought. A recent study found that anxiety about penis size doesn't correlate to what's really in your pants. [LiveScience]

  • Scientists have studied more than 50 drinks to see which one best cures symptoms of a hangover. The winner? Sprite! [The Telegraph]

  • Move over, cancer-sniffing Rover. You may not be the only pet that can save human lives. Cats may be the key to a HIV vaccine. Blood from patients infected with HIV shows an immune response against a feline AIDS virus protein, researches discovered. [Pawnation]

  • Genes may determine if you're happy in a marriage, researchers say. They found that a gene involved in the regulation of serotonin can predict how much our emotions affect our relationships. [New York Daily News]

  • What do Spam, unicorn farts and Cheetos have in common, you ask? They are all lip balm flavors. There's no accounting for taste, we suppose. [Buzzfeed]

  • Pit bulls often get a bum rap, so we were thrilled to learn that Elle the pit bull was named 2013 Hero Dog by the American Humane Association for her work as a therapy dog. Congratulations, Elle! Who's a good girl? [Dogster]


  • The Atlantic compares works of literature to the series finale of "Breaking Bad." Check out which one comes closest. [Atlantic]