Meet the new HellaWella! Our big, bold website redesign is here


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Hello again and welcome to the new HellaWella!

As you’re probably noticing, there’ve been quite a few changes around here.

After carefully listening to your feedback, we’ve redesigned the site from top to bottom to give you the very best HellaWella experience for every reading environment.



If you’re reading this on your desktop or laptop computer, you’ll see that everything’s gotten a whole lot BIGGER!  That’s right — big, bright images popping off the screen, larger type, and much more clean, white space around the edges to make it all easier on the eyes.

We also know that lots of you are on your smartphone or tablet — whether relaxing on the couch, heading into the office, or strengthening your core at the gym. You’ll see that everything is now adjusted to fit your screen, making it much easier to read and navigate around the site. (Yes, that familiar hamburger-looking-thingy on the top left will take you to any section you want.)

Speaking of sections, we’ve mixed those up a bit too.

  • EATS is still All Things Food and Drink, but we’ve made RECIPES its own section, which we plan to greatly expand upon in the coming weeks. Happy cooking!

  • HEALTH is now the place for everything related to general health, medicine, personal care and family wellness. It’s vital reading!

  • HOME is the spot for building your blissed-out domestic life, including DIY projects, gardening, pets, safety and the environment. 

  • Like games and quizzes? Want to exercise your mind? Want to take a break with some cartoons and fun distractions to lighten your day? We know you do, so we created an all-new section called PLAY. Have a blast!

We’re thrilled to introduce you to the new website, and we have lots of exciting new features and personalization options coming your way soon. 

Please, drop us a line and tell us what you think … and keep living HellaWella!