Meet the two-handed dumbbell that will change your workout


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We are all familiar with the traditional dumbbell (see right). The one-handed weights have been assisting us for years, adding resistance to our workouts and muscles to our bodies.

Well we're here to ask traditional dumbbells to please move over and make way for a brand new model on the market: Meet Dumbbell2 (DB2), the next-generation dumbbell.

The two-handed design allows gym rats to incorporate the weight into a number of exercises using rapid body movements. DB2 also forces the muscles on both sides of the body to be used equally, which reduces muscle imbalances. And the center weight design requires more core utilization, improving core strength and reducing incidences of back pain.

According to the company, electromyography (EMG) testing showed about 35% to 50% increased muscle recruitment with 50% less weight using the DB2. EMG evaluates the electrical activity produced by skeletal muscles.

“The traditional dumbbell has been around for many years and definitely works. But just because it works, that doesn’t mean it’s the most effective design,” said Dr. Diva Nagula, chief operating officer of Dumbbell2.com and a certified physician specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation. “For example, think of a roller skate versus an inline skate. Although the roller skate worked, the inline skate came along with a streamlined design of four wheels in the center, which allowed it to work better. That’s what we’ve done with the DB2 — reinvented the design of the traditional dumbbell to make it work better for the human body.”