Meetups help you get more social with your fitness


Group of runners warming up

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We’ve said it time and time again — working out with a buddy is beneficial to your fitness routine. Not only does it hold you accountable, motivate you and challenge you to push harder, the buddy system keeps your workout interesting so you're more likely to stick with your routine.

So if you are constantly going solo, try mixing it up with some like-minded people in your area. Not only will your fitness improve, your social life will perk up as well.

Find a fitness group to join

An effective way to throw yourself into the mix is by perusing fitness meetups in your area. Search local group networks, such as Meetup.com, for people with the same fitness goals and ambitions in mind.

Search for a specific activity, like hiking, for example. There are over 10,000 hiking enthusiasts who are members of the Hudson Valley Hikers group in New York. They get together for hiking, backpacking, camping, kayaking, cycling, mountaineering, rock and ice climbing, caving, etc. All activities are free. There are also separate men’s and women’s fitness meetup groups you can comb through.

Some groups are obviously larger than others and your search results more vary based on where you live.

Another cool thing: If you are a trainer or cannot find the right group for you in your area, you can start your own group.

Find a class in your hood

A twist on the local group network is Fitmob, a website and app that connects people with the community and fitness classes in the area that launched in January. Find local workouts in a park or indoor facility near you, sign up, enter your credit card info and attend the class with people in your neighborhood.

Fitmob’s mission is to "reinvent the fitness industry and create a community-based, fun approach to working out. Enable people to work out both indoors and outdoors within their own neighborhood in a supportive yet challenging environment with others who share the same goals."

The downfall is that Fitmob is only based in San Francisco at the moment, but it has grand plans to expand into cities all over the world.


Find a running club

Running clubs like the Road Runners Club of America connect you with local chapters round the country. Local Road Runners clubs typically offer a variety of activities, such as beginning running programs, regular group or training runs, distance training programs, organized racing teams and a local events calendar.

These are especially helpful when you are just starting out, training for your first race or simply don’t want to run alone in the evening.