Men’s health media mashup


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It’s Men’s Health Week, as well as National Men’s Health Month. And you dads have Father’s Day on Sunday. That’s right — you’re important enough to have a week, month and day all to yourselves. To recognize all the guys out there, we’ve compiled a list of all the recent the latest male-focused news and research and how you all can take care of yourselves.

  • Heart disease, cancer and accidents are the top three health threats for men — exercise, put down the cigarette, don’t forget your sunscreen and don’t be an idiot on the road! [CNN]

  • Think you know everything about men’s health? Take this quiz and find out! We got an 80% — a couple of the answers surprised us! [Office on Women's Health]


  • Does your girlfriend make you watch “Grey’s Anatomy” or do you occasionally indulge in “Untold Stories of the ER?” A real-life doctor points out the ridiculous exaggerations and stereotypes about men’s health on TV. Find out what’s real and what’s not. [KevinMD.com]


  • We all know that eating too many doughnuts or hamburgers — or, if you’re Paula Deen, a doughnut hamburger — isn’t good for you. But sometimes it’s what you’re not eating that matters. [Boston.com]


  • Ever dreamed of being a Navy Seal? Now you can at least have the body of one. [Men’s Health]


  • It’s not an excuse to drink and smoke as much as you want, but a new study suggests those habits probably don’t impact your sperm. So good news for recovered addicts. To everyone else: Keep it in moderation! [U.S. News & World Report]


  • Least surprising news of the week: Stressed-out men do things that aren’t good for their bodies. [The Press]


  • Think you’re tough? Research shows that façade will probably crumble when you have kids. [USA Today]


  • If you have sleep apnea and refuse to get treatment, here’s something that will change your mind: It improves your sex life. [MSNBC]


  • Having, er, performance issues? Forget the embarrassing Google searches and read this. [Men's Fitness]


  • Can’t afford a Porsche? Get a Porsche designer shoe until you can afford a more expensive ride. [Atlanta Blackstar]


  • We’ve all heard the stories about how having kids kills your happiness. Here’s some good Father’s Day news: A new study shows parents, especially dads, are happier than their childless pals. [Time Healthland]


  • We applaud your manscaping efforts, but you should probably think about ditching these six products. [Good.is]


  • No one ever pays any mind to celery, but it’s actually one of the six power foods Men’s Health magazine claims every guy should eat. [Men’s Health]


  • Before we continue, let’s make this clear: Eating fast food every day will have some terrible consequences for your body, and nobody likes a beer belly. BUT apparently being heavy may actually help men with one type of cancer. [Fox News]


  • The average American man has his first child at age 25, but apparently a man’s life expectancy increases if he waits until he’s 40. [Business Insider]


  • This man’s microbes (i.e., the bugs on his body) are being used to map healthy humans’ “normal” microbial makeup. Congrats, I guess? [MSNBC]


  • Attention, thin guys! Just because you got the skinny gene doesn’t mean you’re immune to the risk of diabetes. Find out what you need to know to prevent it. [Men’s Health]