Michael Pollan's secret to eating healthy without dieting [Video]


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When was the last time you made french fries? Probably not recently. The last time you ate them was the last time you ordered them from a restaurant or fast-food joint, right? That's because french fries are a real pain in the butt to make, if you really want to fry them up and get the crispy, greasy kind we all know and love.

Now answer this: How often do you think you'd eat them if you couldn't order them anywhere (or buy them frozen in the grocery)? In this video from the RSA, Michael Pollan suggests the solution to eating a well-balanced, healthy diet is simple: Cook your own food.

Pollan — an award-winning food writer, activist and journalism professor — narrates this creatively illustrated short, explaining the difference between the food we cook ourselves and the food we buy. "What predicted a healthy diet more than anything else," he says, "was the fact that it was being cooked by a human being and not a corporation."

Maybe the secret to eating healthy and maintaining a healthy weight is just cooking our own food — even if you want french fries every now and then. Check it out: