Might as well twerk: Booty-dropping dance sheds pounds


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If you caught a glimpse of Miley Cyrus on the MTV Video Music Awards, you might be all too familiar with the term, “twerk” by now. But in the chance you’ve missed all the chatter, “twerk” is the new dance craze that involves some serious rhythmic squats and hip thrusts. Sticking your tongue out while you twerk like Miley is only optional.

Only the bold who have twerked in a club or tried a few booty pops in the mirror know just how this dance can become a real workout. Shape.com estimates that any vigorous dance routine burns up to 509 calories in an hour, and twerking is no different. While you drop it like it’s hot, twerking can really work the thighs, hips, stomach, and rear, and is a guaranteed challenging cardiovascular workout.

Another added bonus is it doesn’t have to cost a dime, since all you really need is an upbeat playlist. If you’re skeptical that a “booty wave” or “booty wiggle and wobble” can help you lose inches, this tutorial will have your heart racing and reaching for a towel just as you go into double-time.

If you’re looking to stay committed to twerking as your go-to fun workout, plenty of eager dancers are using "Twerk Out Fitness" at home. Twerk Out Fitness offers DVD’s that show beginner, intermediate, and advanced twerk choreography that can be used in your living room or at the club (but probably not at a work function or family gathering).

[Disclaimer] If you decide to twerk at home, be careful! Twerking is not for the faint of heart. Remember, it's all fun and games until someone catches on fire: