Mix up your morning juice routine with these 5 fruit options


Fruit juice

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Love your morning fruit juice but tired of the same old stuff? Get out of your orange and apple juice routine at breakfast and try one of the many other fruit juice options out there. If you buy from the grocery store, make sure to avoid products with added sugar—there’s no need, since fruits are already loaded with natural sugars. 

Here are a few of our morning favorites:


1. Pineapple juice

News flash — pineapple juice isn’t just for concocting pina coladas and other delicious tropical cocktails. It makes for a refreshing morning beverage, as well with a tart sweetness sure to wake you right up. It’s also chock full of health benefits, including bromelain, an anti-inflammatory, and vitamin C that helps prevent everything from cataracts to heart disease. Bonus: The widespread availability of pineapple juice makes it a convenient addition to your morning routine.


2. Pomegranate juice

If tartness is your thing, a glass of pomegranate juice is sure to be right up your alley. This pinkish red juice contains loads of antioxidants that help boost heart health, and may also reduce bad cholesterol in the body, says the Mayo Clinic. Pregnant? Take note — consumption of pomegranate juice is often encouraged, according to Washington Universty, as research suggests it may help prevent complications such as preeclampsia.


3. Mango juice

There’s almost nothing better than the thick juice extracted from flavorful mangos at the peak of ripeness. Mango juice is often only available in small quantities at the grocery store, so your best bet is to make your own at home. At about 130 calories per cup, mango juice is nutritionally competitive with pineapple juice, and helps maintain blood pressure, prevents against anemia and boosts your body’s immune system, among other benefits, according to StyleCraze.


4. Watermelon juice

Summer is the perfect time to drink a frothy glass of pretty pink juice from one of the season’s best fruits. And at only about 50 calories per cup, watermelon juice is significantly lower in calories than orange juice (110) and apple juice (115). Watermelon also contains lycopene, which promotes bone and heart health, and amino acids that help improve blood flow and circulation, says livescience.


5. Melon juice

Have leftover melon that didn’t quite make it into the fruit salad? Make a honeydew, cantaloupe or mixed juice at home. The calcium in cantaloupes and honeydew melons strengthens teeth and bones, and vitamin C also improves skin health by increasing collagen levels in the body. Cantaloupe juice also contains potassium, which helps the flow of oxygen to the brain, according to Juicers Best.