From monkey face orchid to naked man: The 12 weirdest phalaenopsis orchid types


weirdest phalaenopsis orchid types

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Even the most common varieties of orchids are prized for their unique shapes and colors, but the phalaenopsis orchid family also includes some seriously wacky-looking species. Here are 13 of the most unusual varieties.

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Dracula simia

Also known as the monkey orchid or monkey face orchid, this bizarre flower bears an uncanny resemblance to a baboon’s face. A rare species, the Dracula simia is found in the cloud forests of southeastern Ecuador and Peru.

Photo source: Dracula-species.eu


Drakaea orchid

An endangered genus, the Drakaea orchid is often referred to as the “hammer orchid” for its unique shape and movement.

Photo source: Creative Commons/Mark Brundrett


Habenaria radiata

Also called the white egret orchid, the Habenaria radiata is known for its beautiful white petals that spread to the sides like wings on a bird. It’s the official flower of Setagaya ward, Tokyo, and can be found in China, Japan, Korea and Russia.

Photo source: Creative Commons/Open Cage