More health and fitness trends from across the pond: Sweaty Betty edition


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It’s time to travel across the pond once again. Last time, I gave you the lowdown on Skinny Bitches and delicious dishes, and today, we’re going to become Sweaty Betties with fierce fashion and free fitness straight from Great Britain to your home.


Sweaty Betty Style

British fitness apparel brand Sweaty Betty is redefining the role of stylish workout gear in women’s lives. Sweaty Betty’s mission statement contains bon mots such as, “...we still believe in healthy living, having fun and Cornish clotted cream.” Any fitness company that fully understands the importance of clotted cream wins with me. Sweaty Betty also believes in providing a slew of information on their website to its customers, including fit guides, technological properties of the fabrics used and what tests are done to ensure high-quality garments.

Sweaty Betty

And what gorgeous garments they are. A good running skirt is a must for summer, and the Cardio Training Skort fits the bill, with features such as a graphic botanical print in front and a cheeky mesh panel in the back to keep you cool during your run. This beautiful print is available in a range of pieces, including the Chase Cycle Shorts and Acceleration Cycle Top. Any barre enthusiast will flip for the ruffle-trimmed Balance Dance Shorts and strappy orange Arabesque Dance Leotard, while leggings lovers will appreciate Sweaty Betty’s collection, which the company ensures are completely opaque. Try butterfly print leggings for spring and summer. The Halasana ¾ Yoga Leggings come in a super cool ombre print while the To The Beat ¾ Dance Leggings are reversible, with an overall butterfly wing print on one side and solid blue with printed accents on the other. If you’re a dork like me, pair these leggings with the adorable “You Give Me Butterflies” Flow Yoga Tank.

Sweaty Betty even has a line of sleek, sporty swimwear perfect for activities from splashing around in the pool to training for a triathalon, all tested for durability.


Get Fit 4 Free

Sweaty Betty apparel isn’t cheap, but the company still wants to make getting fit fun and accessible to all with their Get Fit 4 Free program. Sweaty Betty offers a range of free workouts online, allowing you to get in on some of the hottest fitness trends from the U.K. If you have ever wanted to experience ballet bootcamp — and who among us hasn’t? — check out Sleek Technique’s amazing full-length workout, led by Sleek Technique founders and classically trained ballet dancers Flik and Victoria. Having some familiarity with basic Sweaty Bettyballet positions is immensely helpful for performing the sequences in this intense exercise routine with proper form.

Get Fit 4 Free has several yoga videos to add some variety to your practice. The most unique of the bunch is BoxingYoga, a technique that combines boxing stances with yoga poses for a challenging workout that promotes flexibility and focus. This routine is best for more experienced yogis.

Sweaty Betty’s latest campaign is Fly Flex Flow, a workout regimen that combines intense cardio, toning and yoga. Beginners and those with weak knees can follow the low-impact modifications and still benefit from Sweaty Bettythis high energy routine. In addition to two videos, this workout also includes a podcast, so you can take Fly Flex Flow outdoors for an awesome interval run.

Frame, a popular London fitness studio known for its energizing classes and workshops, contributes to Get Fit 4 Free with Frame Rave, a fun, fast-paced dance party complete with a section of core-tightening moves. You’ll feel like you partied at the clubs without the wicked hangover. Remember to check with your physician before starting these or any other Sweaty Betty Get Fit 4 Free exercise videos.

The Sweaty Betty blog is full of wisdom for creating a healthy lifestyle, such as information and advice concerning how to train for a marathon, including a list of top marathons around the world and classes to take while training. You can also find articles about healthy eating such as nutritionist Danielle Copperman’s breakfast recipes for a delicious smoothie and nourishing quinoa bowl and tips on alkaline eating via self-taught chef and food writer Natasha Corrett, creator of the blog Honestly Healthy.

New York and Connecticut-based Sweaty Betties can shop and attend free fitness classes in one of the brand’s three stateside locations. Another New York boutique is slated to open soon as well. I am definitely psyched for this British invasion.

Sweaty Betty is your one-stop shop for all things fitness in Great Britain. Tell us: what Get Fit 4 Free workouts are you going to try?