More of this, please: Russian subway ticket costs 30 squats [Video]


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Imagine a world where we could exchange goods and services for exercise. We'd be one fit, good-looking planet. Unfortunately, it wouldn't work out in real life. Sometimes, however, you'll stumble upon the opportunity to use your physical strength for free stuff, like a squatting kiosk in a subway station that gives away free rides.

In preparation for the Winter Olympics, Moscow installed a clever machine at its Vystavochaya station that accepts 30 squats in exchange for a free subway ticket. You must do them within two minutes or risk having to restart or pay the 30 rubles (or 90 cents).

This promotion was thought up by the Russian Olympic Committee as a way to "involve everyone in the sporting way of life.” Squats are awesome for you. Not only do they build muscle in your legs — including quadriceps, hamstrings and calves — but they also strengthen connective tissue, preventing injury in areas like your knees and ankles. Thirty squats on your commute to and from work could mean huge gains in your physical fitness. Too bad it only lasted a month!

Let's hope there will be more special promos linking exercise to everyday life popping up around the world. Keep your eyes peeled!