The most bonkers diets and food rituals in pro football


Football helmet and ball on field

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Fanatics around the world prepare for the beginning of the 2014 National Football League season by dusting off cheeseheads, giving the Terrible Towel a twirl and, um, we guess relieving their bladders.

The athletes have their own rituals too, especially when it comes to food. OK, not just rituals but totally bonkers diets — like the guy who celebrates his good playing on the field with some bench-time Skittles, or the Viking who eats practically his weight in carbohydrates and protein. Only in the NFL can you have athletes who thrive on piling junk food into their gullets, while others adhere to insane and rigid diets.

To pump you up for the 2014 National Football League season, even if you’re a Patriots fan, we bring to you the most eccentric and dedicated diets and food rituals in recent years in the sport.

They’re lovin’ it

Fast food is something footballers just can’t seem to get enough of. Former receiver Chad Ochocinco claims that he could eat McDonald's for breakfast, lunch and dinner, while current Dallas Cowboys linebacker Justin Durant only has eyes for Chik-fil-A, and Atlanta Falcons linebacker Osi Umenyiora  who grew up in London  prefers the pub favorite of fish and chips. Ochocinco even went so far as to say that  fast-food meals aren’t bad for you when paired with the right exercise.

Rule of threes

Sam Bradford, quarterback for the St. Louis Rams, had a food ritual that he can count on one hand. Since high school, Bradford insists on eating pre-game foods three at a time. It all started with some mints, which were served to Bradford and his teammates by the same waitress in threes before every high school game.