Most controversial stories of 2014


Most controversial stories of 2014

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Bad science and quacks, funky orchids and vegans, cure-alls and pink slime: we were your one-stop-shop for controversial issues in 2014. And we look forward to tackling more in 2015, so you can stay happy and healthy without wasting your money and time.

Here are the top 10 most controversial stories of the year.


1. From monkey face orchid to naked man: The 12 weirdest phalaenopsis orchid types

Who knew?


2. 16 unexpected perks of going vegan

We promise it's not preachy.


3. Dog saliva has healing powers: Fact or myth?

Who knew puppy kisses could be such a polarizing topic?


4. Why a juice cleanse is a waste of your time (and money)

Never mind that it's a waste of money. It can actually do you more harm than good, especially if taken too far.


5. Why slimming body wraps for weight loss are a waste of money

Don't give your hard-earned money to quacks. Use that money for a gym membership, a yoga class or for a mini-vacation.


6. Debunking the dangerous detox myth of hydrogen peroxide

Beware of pseudo-scientists wearing white coats and glasses who spew a lot of jargon and nonsense.


7. Black seed oil benefits and side effects. Miracle food or overhyped trend?

There's no such thing as a cure-all. If there were, well, you get the picture.


8. Do hot toddies actually cure colds?

Hey, at least they taste great, right?


9. Why Jenny McCarthy is not solely to blame for vaccine scare

Well, we did say "controversial."


10. Jamie Oliver vs. McDonald’s: Do you want fries with that pink slimeburger?

Despite having the best of intentions, Jamie Oliver's argument about pink slime was flawed.