Move over, banana slicer: 9 more food gadgets and products that make us go hmm


banana slicer

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Some kitchen gadgets just make good sense. Take the slow cooker, for example. If you have the space to spare, it can make life a lot easier and help provide even the busiest workaholic with a warm, healthy meal. Other gadgets, however, are pretty freaking ridonkulous. Who can forget the banana slicer that gave way to some of the most knee-slapping, hilarious reviews ever to be posted in the whole of Amazon's history? Well, it looks like it's got some company.


1. No-Boil Pasta

A line of easy-to-prepare pasta that is ready in minutes. No need to wait for water to boil, and no draining required. Because waiting for water to boil is hard.


2. Egg Cooker

Egg Cooker 

Is it still a hardboiled eggs if you didn't boil it in water? Seriously, though, if you've got space to dedicate to this thing, shouldn't you invest in something more useful, like an awesome blender or a kickass coffeemaker?  


3. Bell Pepper Corer

Bell Pepper Corer 

Pineapple corer we kind of get. But we think you can core a bell pepper just fine with a good, sharp knife.


4. Microwave Bacon

Microwave Bacon 

Some of us remember the Egg Wave and its sidekick, the Bacon Wave. Stahp.


5. Butter Grater

Butter grater 

Or… you can use your grater.


6. Cabbage Shredder

Cabbage Shredder 

Taking a knife to a head of cabbage might not be fun times for those of us who aren't natural-born chefs. But I, for one, remember when my mom got something like this and nearly took her fingers off. Plus, if I'm feelinglazy, I'll just buy a bag of pre-shredded cabbage and keep my fingers, thanks.


7. One-Click Stick Butter Cutter with Stainless Steel Blade

Butter cutter 

Hi. Why don't you like using your knives?


8. Party Finger Forks

Finger Forks 



9. Banana Opener

Banana Opener 

You can't put your banana slicer to good use until you peel the banana. With this. Or your hands.