Move over red, green is the new color of love


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Aside from good looks and a sense of humor, it turns out most of us also want a mate who embraces green living.

A survey, conducted by Timberland, of more than 1,000 men and women found that more than three-quarters of Americans find eco-mindedness attractive — to an extent. What does that mean? While you may score points for recycling and turning the lights off, you may not attract too many potential mates by living off the grid in a shack in the woods.
Here are some findings from the survey:

Nearly half (46%) of Americans say they would question whether to date someone who littered. Other possible deal-breakers include refusing to recycle (15%), leaving the lights on when not at home (14%) and being a climate-change denier (14%).

More than half (57%) of Americans find spending time outdoors attractive, while being eco-minded around the house (50%) and practicing conscious consumption (30%) also rank high on the list.

Americans might be turned off if a date insisted they order environmentally responsible food (46%) or picked them up on a bicycle (43%).

Nearly one-third (30%) of Americans are attracted to those who consider the environmental impact of their purchases.

Spending time outdoors, like hiking or walking in the park, is considered an ideal date by 54% of Americans.

To help you green up your love life, Timberland has partnered with OKCupid to create the “Green Guide to Dating and Love.

Tell us. Would you only date someone who is environmentally conscious?