Must-have fitness app: Zombies, Run!


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Picture this: You are “Runner 5.” Hundreds of people are counting on you for survival. Your objective? Help your base rebuild from the ruins of civilization by collecting critical supplies. The challenge? Roving zombie hordes hungry for your brains.

We’re not describing the soon-to-be-released “The Walking Dead: The Game” (which looks pretty badass); we’re talking about the latest fitness app: Zombies, Run!, available for $8 on iPhone, iPod Touch, and coming this spring to Android. Because nothing is more motivating than running for your life.

You must get this app! It’s a game of survival with a deep story plot that goes further than just running after zombies. Put on your headphones and you’ll hear the voice of a dispatcher giving you instructions for your next mission; the story behind the zombie apocalypse; and most importantly –when zombies are closing in. The app records your distance, time, pace, and calories burned for each run. There’s also the option to hear audio notifications for time, distance, and pace. Not only are you getting fit, you’re saving the world one run at a time.

The fun doesn’t end when you stop running. Afterward, you add the supplies you gathered to specific areas of your base to make it grow and attract more people. Little by little, you unravel a deeper story. As the website states: “What are the leaders of your base scheming about? How did you get there? Where did the zombies come from? There’s a deeper mystery to be uncovered, puzzles to be solved, websites to be discovered, documents to be viewed so you can learn the truth of what’s happened to the world.” Awesome!

If an $8 app gets more people to get off their asses and go for a run, we say go for it!

Check out what the creators of Zombies, Run! have to say about the app below: