Need to find a bathroom in a jiffy? There’s an app for that (sort of)


Geo-locate private bathrooms in your areas

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Seems like there’s an app for everything these days, but none can be more bizarre and helpful at the same time as the one we recently came across: the AirWC app, which lets you geo-locate private toilets nearby and immediately answer nature’s call.

That’s right, for a fee of $4 you can use a total stranger’s clean, comfortable and, most importantly, close-in-proximity bathroom for a full 15 minutes. You can even scroll through photos and descriptions of your potential porcelain throne and check out user reviews to help guide your choice. It’s sort of like couch surfing, except it’s a really short stay … hopefully.

Just imagine: You’re in the city, you just threw back about five pitchers of margaritas and double the amount of tacos [Editor’s Note: Hellawella does NOT approve of this diet] with your friends at your favorite hole-in-the-wall restaurant when — BAM! — you need to find a working bathroom with toilet paper … quick. No problem, simply log on to the AirWC app, type in your location and AirWC will contact the owners of private toilets, and the interactive map will guide you to their location.

See the video here: