Negative about nuclear? Blame Bond, James Bond


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When it comes to villains and their evil schemes, the James Bond franchise has got it in spades. So, it’s not hard to believe that such films as “Dr. No” have done much to shape the public’s view of nuclear power.

HellaWella via Grist.org stumbled upon an interesting article from the Guardian on how one leading scientist believes the public’s distaste for nuclear has less to do with such accidents as the recent one in Fukushima, Japan, and more to do with the diabolical plots of some fiction’s notorious villains.

According to the Guardian, David Phillips, president of the Royal Society of Chemistry, believes that the film version of “Dr. No” — which centers around an evil megalomaniac and his hidden nuclear reactor, and was first seen by audiences 50 years ago — has lead the public to believe that the nuclear industry is a force for evil.

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