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Baby clothing

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Here’s some free advice: Never buy used sheets (soooo many things can go wrong there). So sheets are a no-no, along with some other big items, but many of the things in your house are way overpriced and just as good slightly used. And who wants to overpay? Nobody.

Save your hard-earned money and never pay full price for these 10 things:


1. Baby stuff

Cost of baby outfits (clothing and shoes) at babyGap: $50/month* (they keep growing!)
Cost of used baby outfits at Once Upon a Child: $30/month 
SAVINGS: $20/month ($240 a year!)
*Monthly estimate according to The Baby Center

Babies grow quickly, and before you know it, they’re five sizes bigger. Guess what? Other people’s babies grow fast, too, meaning their clothes are barely worn. Check out your area for a second-hand store for baby clothes like Once Upon a Child, and snag some newish baby gadgets while you’re at it. Just make sure that anything you buy for your baby complies with the Consumer Product Safety Commission regulations.


2. Books

Cost of new hardcover book at Barnes and Noble: $22
Cost of used hardcover book on Amazon: $5
SAVINGS: $17 (or $22 if you go to the library!)

Libraries are free, and they’re in every city. Next time you hear about a must-read, check out the library before heading to Barnes and Noble. These days, many libraries have snazzy features like Kindle rentals and waitlists for books. Can’t let go of the desire to own the book? Check out a used book store and see if they have your next favorite read.


3. Sports equipment

Cost of new aluminum baseball bat at Dick's Sporting Goods: $200
Cost of used aluminum baseball bat at Play It Again Sports: $20

A slightly used basketball is just as fun to play with as a brand new ball. Instead of forking over cash for brand new equipment (especially if this equipment is for a growing kid), check out a store that sells gently used stuff like Play It Again Sports.


4. Shoes

Cost of new athletic shoes at Finish Line: $120
Cost of online shopping for new athletic shoes on Zappos: $75

There is an entire industry based on the premise that you should never overpay for shoes. From Zappos to shoes.com, Internet shopping for shoes can save you a ton of money. If you’d rather try shoes on in person than click and purchase, stores like Off Broadway and DSW Shoe Warehouse stock designer items for a discounted price.


5. Hand tools

Cost of new homeowner's tool set from The Home Depot: $70
Cost of used tool set on Craigslist: $10

Hand tools are one of the few items on this list that will basically last (and work) forever unless they’re damaged. Instead of buying a brand new shovel, peruse your local Craigslist and hit up local garage sales to see if anyone is selling their tool set.


6. Formal wear for ladies

Cost of new chic dress for a wedding from Nordstrom's: $400
Cost of renting same dress from Rent the Runway: $75

Ladies, you may attend a lot of weddings, but do you ever wear the same dress twice? We didn’t think so. Instead of buying an expensive dress for one night of photo opportunities, Rent the Runway instead. You’ll be able to wear designer duds at a fraction of the price, plus they send two sizes with each order, so you’ll be able to choose the dress that fits you best.

Fellas, you’re actually the opposite. While you have the option to rent tuxedos, if you have a busy wedding schedule, it’s probably easier on your wallet to buy one nice black tux and be done with it.


7. Instruments

Cost of a new acoustic guitar and case at Guitar Center: $260
Cost of a used acoustic guitar with case on Craiglist: $80

Unless you’re a professional musician, your musical needs will likely be met with a used instrument. Again, Craigslist is a great way to find the perfect violin. If that doesn’t work, research your area and see if there’s a local used instrument store. If you have kids, many schools have a used instrument program already in place for orchestra and band, so check that out first before buying something new.


8. Contact lenses

Cost of Acuvue 6 pack on 1-800-Contacts: $24*
Cost of Acuvue 6 pack at the eye doctor: $34
*1-800-Contacts will match or beat any price you find!

Sure, 1-800-Contacts commercials are annoying, but that company is actually awesome! When you run out of lenses or your prescription changes, don’t go through the doctor’s office; give 1-800-Contacts a call instead.


9. Video games

Cost of new Xbox One game at GameStop: $60
Cost of used Xbox One game on Amazon: $25

When video games are brand new, there’s a lot of hype and they’re really expensive. Take a deep breath and wait a few months. Not only will the game drop in price in the store, chances are people will be selling their “old” copy online.


10. Gardening supplies

Cost of new gardening tool set from The Home Depot: $99
Cost of same new tool set on eBay: $65

Remember what we said about tools? Well, gardening supplies are almost as ageless. Before heading to Lowe’s, check out this weekend’s batch of garage sales. You may find some gardening treasures at a fraction of the cost.


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