New, free app guides you through workouts with your dog


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Ever wanted to work out with your dog but feel she’s a bit unruly on the leash? If you can’t make it to a fitness class for you and your dog — yes, they’re out there; read our feature on Thank Dog! Training here) — there’s an app to get you started. Thank Dog! Mobile for your iPhone will you get in shape while your dog gets trained. You both share a bonding experience while becoming healthier. Awesome!

Created by Thank Dog! Bootcamp, this FREE app lets you create a music playlist to accompany the workout along with being able to control it through the app. You’ll be taken through 20 routines by a voice overlay so you don’t have to keep stopping to read the instructions. If you do need to stop, there are video and image guides throughout each workout.

Here’s an example of how your doggy training/workout session would go: Before you start shoulder presses using a resistance band, command your dog to sit and stay. After you are through with your reps, tell your dog to “walk” and continue your walk/run until it’s time for your next workout routine.

You can track how far you and your pup went by choosing the GPS tracking option. Also, track your progress by logging your workouts as you go.

New to dog training? You and Scruffy can work on the four commands — walk, sit, lay down and stay — at home with the provided “how to” videos.

See a demo in the YouTube video below, and then download the app here.