New app alert: Home tips & tricks straight from your iPhone


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BrightNest_AppWe all need a little home help every now and then. And sometimes we want it from the convenience of our own pocket.

Thanks to BrightNest — a free site that provides customized tips and tools to help homeowners save money, get organized and keep their homes in great shape — that little dream is now a reality. The website now has a free iPhone app, which offers basic maintenance advice to cleaning tricks to home design ideas.

And if you think BrightNest is a one-size-fits-all site, think again. The app allows users to choose the most appropriate tips for their home and build a schedule. BrightNest will also send reminders when it’s time to take on a task.

Here’s how it works: When you download the app, it prompts you to customize it based on the user’s needs and his home’s qualities. Then BrightNest will offer suggestions based on those customizations, including instructions and reminders. In other words, “We provide all the ingredients you need for a healthy home!”

Other features include:

  • 1,000s of searchable, step-by-step articles, including: money-saving tricks, cleaning tips, design ideas and easy maintenance solutions;
  • Personalized content based on the user’s goals (e.g., a greener home and saving more money) and their home’s unique traits;
  • Scheduled to-dos, by week or month — BrightNest sends reminders when it’s time to get things done;
  • The ability to save favorite home projects and reference the materials list while shopping for supplies; and
  • A record of the tasks that users complete, which syncs securely with the app.


And here are just some of the lessons to be learned:

  1. Changing air filters
  2. Chalkboard paint ideas
  3. Unclogging a shower head
  4. Making your own dish soap
  5. Homemade disinfectant spray
  6. Up-cycling wine bottles
  7. Jewelry organization ideas
  8. Cleaning your microwave with lemon