New app paints picture of global warming


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Unless you were really into Al Gore’s PowerPoint presentation in An Inconvenient Truth, chances are you have trouble grasping the effects of global warming on our climate. For those of us who need more than data and lectures, there is the new “Painting with Time: Climate Change” app.

Developed by Red Hill Studios, in collaboration with World View of Global Warming, the “Painting with Time: Climate Change” app gives users the ability to manipulate photographic sequences to see how climate change has affected the world over time. With the app, users can explore how glaciers have drastically retreated around the world, discover where rising temperatures are contributing to floods and droughts and examine how climate change is disrupting the timing of natural events such as flower buds opening. The app features 17 time sequences showing the visual impacts of climate change, eight preset brushes and slicing patterns, a multimedia summary of about climate change and much more.

So with all the information out there about climate change, why do we need “an app for that?”

“It’s very hard for people to really appreciate long term events – our brains are not wired that way,” said Red Hill Studios creative director Bob Hone in a press release. “This ‘temporal myopia’ has helped us ignore our impacts on the planet. Fortunately, with digital imagery and high tech satellites, we can extend our time perception to visualize the long-term effects of climate change.”
The time-series photos used for the app were provided by the image research team lead by Gary Braasch, creator and photographer of the World View of Global Warming website.

Download the free app here.

Tell us. Do you think this app will impact people’s understanding of global warming?