New app shows which companies are linked to child labor


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Shopping online with a clear conscience just got a bit easier thanks to a new plug-in that helps you avoid items that are linked to child labor.

HellaWella learned, via Fast Company, of aVOID, a new browser plug-in that works with all major online retailers — including Amazon.com, Target.com and Macys.com — by filtering search results to show you which companies have a connection to child-labor concerns. Users are notified to avoid these companies with a hand icon indicating “stop.”

The app is sponsored by the German group EarthLink and uses data from the German government-funded initiative, Active Against Child Labor campaign, which ranks manufacturers based on their commitment to prevent child labor.

According to aVOID’s website, the plug-in is available only for Safari and Google Chrome, but plans for Firefox are in the works.

Since its launch, nearly 1.3 million have been products screened.