New campaign urges kids to spend more time outdoors


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Growing up in the late '80s as a child whose parents refused to buy video games meant lots of time playing outdoors. But even my friends who were lucky enough to have Nintendo still managed to get some outdoor playtime in now and again.

Maybe it’s just a different time or maybe the video games are so much more superior than they were then. In either case, kids just don’t go out and play as much anymore. And that’s not just me being nostalgic for the “good 'ole days.” Children today are spending so much time indoors using electronic media that it has prompted the National Recreation and Park Association and the National Wildlife Federation to team up to get 10 million more kids to spend more time outdoors over the next three years.

The 10 Million Kids Outdoors goal encourages kids to get outdoors and explore, play and learn in green spaces for 90 minutes per week. By increasing outdoor time to 90 minutes per week, the NRPA and NWF believe it will contribute to a significant increase in children's connection to nature due in part to more time spent outdoors.

"We know that when children spend time outdoors, they are more active and their overall well-being improves," says Barbara Tulipane, president and CEO of NRPA, in a press statement. "Our nation's parks and recreation areas are not just a solution for better health, but are [also] the answer to inspiring a healthier generation of youth who appreciate and care for our open space lands and who will engage in environmental stewardship that will benefit our future."