New sports bra website offers extra support


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types of bra with nameIn 1977, Champion Athleticwear invented the first sports bra. It’s name? The Jogbra. The prototype was made from two jock straps sewn together. Thirty-five years later, Champion is still at the forefront of the sports bra market. The company just launched a new website focused exclusively on sports bras.

ChampionSportsBras.com covers all things sports bra-related, including a personalized sports bra finder, fit and support guide, care tips and a blog with posts from the experts on sports bras and other topics related to healthy living and fitness. You can even register your Champion sports bra on the site and receive a reminder when a replacement is due.

This is great news for everyone who wears a sports bra! You know how hard it can be to navigate through the wide variety of sports bra selections available on the market and purchase one that you actually love.

“Champion understands that for most women, the sports bra is a critical piece of fitness equipment, so we’ve designed this website to be her absolute go-to resource,” said Janet Mistor, senior marketing manager for Champion Athleticwear Women’s, in a release. “The site will feature all things related to sports bras from previews of the latest styles to tips on fit plus inspiring weekly blog updates from the experts who know it best on leading a healthy, active life.”

Today, Champion Athleticwear offers 19 sports bra silhouettes designed for all types of fitness activities, levels of support and sizes that enable millions of women to exercise in comfort and with confidence. In a 2011 survey conducted by Champion Athleticwear, nearly 60% of respondents characterized the sports bra as “mission critical, can’t exercise without it.”

“We know from speaking with women that finding that perfect sports bra makes a tremendous difference in her fitness experience,” Mistor said. “When they are comfortable in their gear, women tell us that they are more likely to exercise more frequently, for longer periods of time and with more effort.”