New workout tee concept helps beat heat exhaustion


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We’re all excited to thaw out from that crazy winter, but things will be heating up before you know it. Remember all those times last year when the heat caused you to stay inside out of fear of burning alive? A new product called the IceTee is being developed by two entrepreneurs, Megan Matza and Emily Thawley, may be the solution.

Matza and Thawley started a Kickstarter campaign to raise $12,000 to cover minimum production requirements and get this affordable, stylish workout shirt to the general public.

The IceTee is a workout shirt made of a dry-fit, moisture wicking fabric that’s good-looking enough that you won’t be embarrassed to wear it in public. It cools your core temperature and helps you avoid heat exhaustion by using high-intensity cooling gel packs that, according to the Kickstarter page, stay dry and cool you at critical points on your body — the neck, spine and underarms for men and the neck and spine for women.

All you have to do is place the entire shirt in the freezer with the cooling gel packs inserted for a minimum of two hours before using or only put the gel packs in the freezer and then insert in the shirt to start cooling your body down. (The gel packs can also be heated to provide warmth during the colder months.)

Keep in mind that the packs only stay cold for an hour so plan your workout accordingly.