New year, new uses: 10 items to repurpose in 2016


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No one likes feeling wasteful. So this year, make a resolution to reuse common household products to keep them out of the landfill a little longer. Some items you can use to clean, while others can help you stay organized. Here's a list of repurposing ideas to get you started.


1. Hair clip cord organizer

The TV, DVD player, cable box, and gaming systems all contribute to a plethora of cords behind your TV stand. Avoid a tangled mess by using a hair clip as a cord organizer to keep the cords together.


2. Golf basket remote control container

Have no use for the golf set someone bought you as a Christmas gift? Turn the well-meaning gift into something useful, such as a container to hold your remote controls instead. 

With all of the different technology in your living room, remotes can take up a lot of space.

Keeping all the remotes in one basket allows you to stay more organized and find the remote you're looking for with ease.

Don't have a golf basket? Use another basket you have handy.


3. Bread bag clip sticker scraper

Many of us have bought a book, glass or other object with a price sticker attached that doesn't seem to want to come off, leaving behind pieces of sticker and gooey residue. Save old bread bag clips to solve this problem.

Simply take the bread bag clip and use it to scrape off the sticker, goo and all.


4. Dryer sheet soap scum buster

Dryer sheets don't have to be used only to soften your clothing. Dryer sheets can also serve as a powerful cleaning tool. Use a dryer sheet to eliminate tough soap scum on your sink or shower.


5. Pantry turned linen closet

Completing a kitchen remodel? Have no plans for your old pantry? You don't need to send it away along with your old cabinets, sinks and appliances.

Instead of sending the wood to be recycled, use your still in-tact pantry for extra storage space.

Once you detach it from its previous spot in the kitchen, you can move it to another area of your home, such as a bathroom or a bedroom.

Replace the snacks with towels, extra blankets and pillows and turn it into a portable linen closet.


6. Glass bottle vases

Instead of recycling your glass bottles, why not repurpose them into mini vases? Glass bottles with slim necks work great as a vase to hold a few flowers picked from your garden.

If you don't like the see-through glass, you can even jazz up your bottle by wrapping it with twine or ribbon.


7. Copper tubing or pegboard pot rack

Have leftover copper tubing sitting around? Turn it into a pot rack. You may need to hire a welder to fashion it into the shape you want, but a hanging pot rack will help you free up cabinet space. 

Don't have copper tubing? You can create a hanging pot rack using a peg board, as chef Julia Child once did.


8. Ladder towel rack

If you have an old wooden ladder around you can't use, turn it into a towel rack. Coat the ladder in polyurethane or something that will make it water-resistant, and you're ready to go. 

You can also do the same with a ladderback chair.  Simply cut off the front of the chair and mount it upside down on your wall. You can use the rungs from the chair back as your towel holder. 

Bonus tip: If you leave some of the original seat attached to the chair, you can use that as a shelf.


9. Tea bag mirror cleaner

Stop throwing away your old tea bags once you've brewed your cup of tea. Used tea bags have a lot of additional uses. Want a streak-free mirror without the chemical scent that comes along with most cleaners? Use a cooled, twice-brewed tea bag to clean your mirror.

Tea bags also serve as deodorizers. The antibacterial contents of green or black tea bags can neutralize odors in your refrigerator or cat's litter box.


10. Antique window porch screen

If your home has an open porch, antique windows may be the perfect decor for your home exterior.

Hanging windows from the top of your porch can help protect you from the rain while adding a sophisticated touch to your home. 

Make sure when you hang the windows to use at least two hooks facing opposite directions. That way, if there's a strong wind and the window comes off one hook, it won't become completely detached and risk breaking.


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This article was written by Kaley Belakovich, Angie’s List.

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