No-excuse workout: Strengthen your core while you sit


Woman working out in a chair

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Strengthening your abs and surrounding core muscles is hard work and takes time. If you’re looking for new ways to exercise your mid-section — or haven’t been able to do so because of injury or illness — try working your abs from the chair you’re sitting on right now.

Be sure to talk to a doctor before trying any workout, especially if you have an injury or illness. Be mindful of the chair you use; your knees should be at 90 degrees when seated and shouldn’t roll or spin. Also, keep a straight posture for each exercise — and always!

Here are a few reasons to work your abs in a chair:

You have an injury

You have an injury that prevents you from standing or putting pressure on a particular body part in your lower extremities, such as a knee or foot injury. Working out your abs in a chair keeps your body weight off your injury.

You’re tied to your desk

While it’s important to stand up and move frequently while working, sometimes a major deadline looms and you just have to get it done, which means an extended period of time sitting down. Seated ab workouts are perfect for those who find themselves stuck on conference calls most of the day.

This quick office ab workout will have you break a sweat in no time:


You’re a fitness newbie

If you’re new to the world of fitness, chances are your core is a bit weak. Working your abs from a seated position can help overcome balance issues and pain associated with floor workouts.

Try this 12-minute seated core workout by SparkPeople.com:


Here are some more Pilates-inspired moves.

You’re a senior

If you have a hard time getting down on the floor or getting back up, or suffer from osteoporosis, low blood pressure or high blood pressure, modified ab workouts using a chair can help you safely work out your core.  

Here are some easy-to-follow moves for seniors: