No excuses allowed with in-home fitness programs


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“I didn’t have time to get to the gym today.”

We’ve all said those infamous lines. Sometimes it’s impossible to squeeze a gym visit into your busy schedule. And if you lack self-discipline to go through a whole workout by yourself (you’re not alone!), the odds of exercising that day are slim. If this is the norm or you just need hands-on guidance to jumpstart your fitness routine, check out an in-home fitness program like inSHAPE Fitness.

InSHAPE Fitness is proudly anti-gym. They bring the workout to you at home with personal training sessions, yoga/pilates programs — even massage therapists and nutritionists.

Managing partner, Kim Watkins explains the three main inspirations behind their anti-gym message: “The first is the fact that gyms aren’t working. Statistics of growing obesity and poor weight management are depressing, among all age groups and across all economic strata.

“The second reason is that most people simply don’t have an hour to spend in the gym. We are all too busy. Whether you are 25, trying to get ahead and burning the midnight oil, 30 and trying to enjoy your personal time, or between 35 and 40 and up all night with a newborn.

“The third reason is that unless you are a body builder or competitive athlete, your body doesn’t need equipment to get an excellent total body workout. And by that I mean both cardio and strength work. One’s body weight, coupled with the right pacing, precision of movement, and pairing of exercises is all that most people need.”

Group fitness classes and outdoor personal training are available in Connecticut and New York. If you don’t live close enough to an inSHAPE Fitness location, or you’re traveling, utilize their Skype program or visit Inshapellc.com for weekly workout podcasts.

“By incorporating [fitness] into your home time, you are more apt to truly incorporate it into life, which is the single greatest hurdle most people face,” Watkins said. “Home workouts are also less embarrassing; no one is watching. And you get all of the regular benefits of actual exercise, of course.”

Make your living space fitness-friendly
Living in a small apartment? No problem. Very little space is needed to work up a sweat. Watkins suggests creating a space with a stable rug or mat, a comfortable temperature, and a passive distraction, such as a television or music.

According to a recent survey of members of fitness website, Sparkpeople.com, 68% of respondents plan to do more home workouts than last year. Tell us: Do you plan on ditching the gym membership and exercising at home?