No more peep shows: How to ride a bike in a skirt without flashing people


Woman biking in a skirt

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The weather is great and you’re excited about cycling to the office today. After all, not only is it a great way to stay fit and be kind to the environment, cycling to work keeps you away from the sardine-can effect of public transportation or even worse: gridlock.

Oh, and you’re wearing that super cute skirt you recently paid too much money for online.

Seems like a perfect scenario until you hop onto your bike and realize as you ride against the wind that your super cute skirt is blowing upward toward your face, and everyone you pass along the road who is stuck in gridlock is getting their very own peep show.

What’s a girl to do? Are we to banish skirts from our wardrobe just because we want to pedal to work?

Before Penny in Yo’ Pants — an easy solution for taming your skirt on bike rides that you can make yourself or soon buy online — we had three choices:

  1. Shove that cute skirt into a backpack and changed at work;

  2. Slip on a pair of bulky shorts underneath and deal with the wedgies; or

  3. Be content with showing off the goods to everyone on the road.

Penny in Yo’ Pants is the brainchild of Johanna Holtan, a Scottish cyclist who was sick of flashing people while riding her bike, and her friends. Using nothing more than a penny and a rubber band, they figured out how to secure a skirt together while biking. Holtan and her friends brought the idea to Cyclehack Glasgow 2014, an event that “brings people together to come up with ideas that solve the barriers to cycling and build them in under 48 hours” where the idea became nothing short of a revolution in women's cycling.