Now that’s extreme! Stuntman is first to jump 2,400 ft. without parachute


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Photos by Garyconnery.com.

Talk about living on the edge! Forty-two-year-old stuntman Gary Connery took extreme sports to a new level yesterday, becoming the first man ever to jump 2,400 ft. without a parachute.

According to the Telegraph, Connery dropped out of a helicopter for three seconds before reaching speeds of more than 80 mph in a special wing suit similar to a base jumper’s suit. He had to flare his wing suit about 200 ft. from his target in order to bring his gliding speed down to 50 mph and his vertical falling speed to 15 mph.

He landed on a strip measuring about 350 ft. by 45 ft. filled with 18,600 cardboard boxes at Temple Island Meadows, on the Buckinghamshire and Berkshire border in London.

Connery is a veteran stuntman, having performed 880 sky dives and 450 base jumps, according to Yahoo.com. You may have seen his work doing stunts for “Batman Begins,” “Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull” and “Die Another Day.”

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