Olympic trainer Josh Holland shows off his moves before heading to London


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Josh Holland is heading to the Olympics as the only American Master Kinesis trainer for Technogym.

Many of us share a deep respect for Olympic athletes: whether it’s their dedication and passion, their super-human abilities, or just their perfectly sculpted athletic bodies. The same is true for Olympic, celebrity and personal trainer, Josh Holland, who is also a third-degree black belt and former collegiate and professional basketball player – among other impressive accomplishments. He’s headed to the London Games next week as the only American Master Kinesis Trainer for Technogym.

Holland’s road to the Olympics
Growing up in Oklahoma, where his father owned a martial arts studio, Holland went up the ranks in karate beginning at the age of four. He also fell in love with basketball and played throughout his college years at Rose State College, Northwestern Oklahoma State University. He also played pro basketball for two years in Doha, Qatar and Cancun, Mexico. Later, when he moved to New York City, he auditioned for a trainer position at celeb trainer Tracy Anderson’s gym. This is where he worked with Madonna on her 2009 summer tour. Holland saw the Kinesis system (more on that shortly) while staying in Barcelona and fell in love with it. He said its versatility was a perfect fit for him.

Now, Holland is headed to London next week with Technogym — an innovative fitness company and official fitness supplier for the Olympic Games in Sydney, Athens, Torino, Beijing and next week’s London Games — to share workouts with athletes from all over the world on the company’s most innovative piece of fitness equipment, the Kinesis Personal system.

HellaWella recently had the chance to meet Holland at Technogym’s New York City showroom as he demonstrated some of the workouts on the system that he will be sharing with the athletes in London. The Kinesis system is made for coordinated movements using resistance, and is engineered for strength, flexibility and balance-inundated workouts. It has the same philosophy as Gyrotonics but with its pullies and cords, Technogym’s Kinesis allows for total freedom of motion.

“I like workouts that offer ways to simulate a sport,” Holland explained. “[The Kinesis allows athletes] to add resistance and train in other ways.”

There is sling shot feeling, no snap back when pulling on the cords. You have a complete 360-degree rotational pull that allows for natural movement. You can go front, back, lateral and twist. There are no weights.

“It’s all resistance, Holland said. “Resistance is safer and easier on the joints.”

Here’s a video of Holland introducing the Kinesis Personal system:

The moves

Holland demonstrated a workout for Olympic sprinters, who need to explode off the blocks at the start of a race. This involves stability and core strength, as well as the ability to (quickly) go from the four-point block start to an upright sprint.

“Explosion off the blocks is the difference between a gold and bronze medal,” Holland said.

For swimmers, Holland strapped cords on his wrists and ankles to simulate the breast stroke and freestyle swim. He positioned himself belly down on an exercise ball to keep the core engaged and to build lower back strength.

Since the Kinesis lets you train on all three planes of motion, Holland is able to demonstrate defensive drills for basketball players including lateral movement and quick starts and stops. Doing all of this with the resistance from the Kinesis system builds endurance.

“The machine mimics the feeling of being exhausted at the end of the game,” Holland said.

Check out this short video of Holland going through the Olympic workouts:

Going to the Olympics!
“I was thoroughly excited when I learned I would be going to the Olympics,” Holland said. “People who know me know that when the Olympics are on, I am glued to the TV. I don’t care what sport. I have a deep respect for the Olympians.”

He is also excited to work with and learn from coaches and trainers from all over the world and establish relationships with them.

“I’m going to be like a little kid in a candy store,” he said.

Holland said he is interested in seeing what the athletes are doing to reach their peak performance.

“They will be in tip-top shape,” he said. “I want to know how they got to that point.”

Learn more about Holland here. Check out Technogym.com for an extended look at all of Technogym’s fitness systems.