One and done: 5 free full-length exercise videos that give you a convenient workout


working out at home

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Working out at home has become a breeze. While shorter videos have made it easy to customize your workouts, there are those days when it’s really not feasible to go through the hassle of building your own routine from scratch. Sometimes you just want one video that will give you a complete routine — whether that’s a crash course in the basics or an exciting class that lets you in on a hot fitness trend. Fortunately, some fitness pros are taking their cues from the workout tapes of old and releasing full-length workouts online that give you the total exercise experience. Here are five of our favorites.


1. 1Rebel Rumble

Via Sweaty Betty Get Fit 4 Free

This fun, nonstop sweat session brings the fancy shmancy boxing experience to you courtesy of London fitness studio 1Rebel. It consists of boxing, MMA and strength training as well as demonstrations of basic punches and strikes. No punching bag? No problem! While instructor Mila Lazar works on the bag, her assistant, Daniel, shadowboxes, which gives you two different perspectives on body positioning and form. Fitness newbies, this is not the workout for you. Lazar assumes that you know basic moves like squats, burpees and pushups, so you need to bring that knowledge with you. If you are relatively fit and want to jump on this trend, add Rumble to your fitness regimen.


2. Barre 3 Body Burner

Via Barre 3

Barre 3 founder Sadie Lincoln and master trainers Allison Beam and Regan Nelson take you through a workout that will test your stability, build strength and get your heart rate up with moves such as mountain climbers and weighted sumo squat twists. It’s okay if you don’t have twinkle toes; this video is more strength training than traditional barre and works for many levels of fitness. Also, the entire workout is demonstrated with beginner modifications so you can work up to performing balance poses and moves like pushups at your own pace. The trainers give tips for being safe, finding proper form and increasing stability that will help you determine if you’re doing the move the right way to get the most out of the workout.


3. Feel-Good, Feel-Strong Yoga


Via PopSugar

Yogi Mandy Ingber’s half-hour yoga video is essentially a truncated version of your typical hour-long class. It’s a great option for when you can’t get to a studio but still want a coherent, complete flow. While this isn’t an advanced workout, it’s also not for beginners, as the moves tend to progress quickly. A firm grasp of the basics is definitely required, even with the modifications Ingber provides. If you’re aiming to tone your midsection, this workout is a great break from traditional core-sculpting routines. There’s also a brief but beautiful visualization at the end of the workout that will bring you joy.


4. Beginner Circuit Workout

Via CosmoBody

CosmoBody has released a slew of workouts onto its YouTube page in the wake of ending its subscription program, and this video, featuring trainer Rique Uresti, is one of the best. This workout routine has both cardio and strength training, featuring bodyweight moves such as crunches, pushups and squats. Uresti offers plenty of modifications to either decrease or increase the intensity, so it’s suitable for a variety of fitness levels and gives beginners something to work toward. The greatest part about this workout is Uresti’s down-to-earth demeanor. You know you’re working out with Cosmo when your trainer compares movement in exercises to a) picking up a dropped condom and b) getting a piña colada from a cabana boy on the beach. It’s a refreshing change from other beginner bodyweight workouts that can sometimes feel stale or clinical. This one doesn’t have a cool down, so you’ll have to stretch independently, but it’s a great pick if you have a cool down routine you already enjoy.


5. At Home Cardio Workout with No Equipment

Via Fitness Blender

This intermediate-level workout led by trainer Kelli Segars may be labeled cardio, but there is a lot of toning in here as well, thanks to the combination of bodyweight exercises and movement. Jumping jacks get a major boost when paired with lateral jumps, and your garden variety lunge becomes an ab-burning powerhouse when you throw a twist into the mix. The fun starts directly from the warm-up and doesn’t let up until the cool-down. Segars is a calm, level-headed trainer, giving tips on how to make the workout work for you, such as mixing up higher- and lower- intensity variations of the same move and urging viewers to take breaks when needed. It’s this combination of encouragement and guidance that makes this video such a wonderful choice when exploring ways to progress in your fitness journey.

Don’t forget to check with your medical professional before starting any exercise program.