One image proves humans, not sharks, are the killers [Infographic]


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Anyone who has ever seen "Jaws" has worried at least once about the potential of a shark attack while swimming in open waters. While it's not an impossible scenario, these infamous animals usually have no desire to eat humans for dinner. In fact, as this infographic shows, only 12 people are killed by sharks each year — but 11,417 sharks are killed by people PER HOUR. 

According to Pew Environment's Global Shark Conservation campaign page, 30% of shark and ray species assessed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature are threatened or near threatened with extinction. Shark finning — the cruel and grisly practice of chopping off a shark's fin and throwing it back into the water, bloody and injured — kills up to 73 million sharks every year so people can enjoy shark fin soup, an Asian delicacy.

Inspired by a 2013 report published in Marine Policy — which estimated that humans slaughter anywhere between 63 million and 273 millions sharks annually — Joe Chernov and Robin Richards created this infographic to illustrate the dramatic difference between our impact on the shark population and their impact on ours.